1. Conqueror 300 Competition Javelin 400 Gm

    • Some of the best throwers in the world assisted in helping us produce this javelin.
    • These competition javelins are constructed from a composite metal alloy, and are I.A.A.F. certified.
    • The tips are chromed metal, and feature a unique cord-wrap grip.
    • Great for competition or just training,Colors and designs will vary
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    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price: $123.50

  2. Track and Field Training Throws Rubber Javelin Replacement Tip

    • Rubber Tip: Specially formulated rubber that is strong and durable.
    • Best value: Replace the tip not the javelin.
    • Original Equipment Manufactured: These replacement tips are manufactured to spec just for our high quality javelins.
    • Various Sizes: Replacement tips for 600gm, 800gm Javelin
    • Various Colors: Yellow or Red. Size SMALL fits 400gm, 500gm and 600gm Javelins. Size LARGE fits 700gm or 800gm Javelin.
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  3. Aero Track and Field Training Javelin

    The Vinex AERO Training Javelin is made of the best quality hardened and tempered aluminium. Designed and crafted for maximum throw distance, this Javelin is made for extra durability. These javelins have the Real Cord Grip. These javelins meet NCAA and IAAF specs. Now you can train better with this javelin. It is great for building form, speed and skill improvement. It is one of the best available training Javelins out there. Learn More

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price: $75.00

  4. Trident Rubber Tip Javelin

    Your perfect practise javelin is here! Designed specifically & only for training purpose. The rubber tips are specifically made for throwing on artificial turf ground or with indoor practice nets. Some U.S. states require that junior throwers use a javelin with a rubber tip. Check your states athletic rules. Great for fine tuning a throwers technique. The 800 & 600 gram is used by High School & College Boys. Throw Far, Break Records. Learn More

    Regular Price: $230.00

    Special Price: $149.50

  5. Odyssey 300 Training Javelin

    • These Javelins are constructed of High Quality Hardened & Tempered Aluminum.
    • These javelins meet NCAA and IAAF specs.
    • Colors and designs may vary.
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