1. Track and Field Shot and Hammer Measuring Gauges (Set of 12)

    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION – Durable Steel Construction.
    • COMPETE IN CONFIDENCE– Set of 12 covers most competition sizes. You can check for min and max sizing. Compete in confidence knowing your implement will qualify.
    • CONVENIENT –Perfect for coaches to carry with them. Small footprint easily fits in a small bag.
    • KEY FEATURES–Does not require a battery, will not warp easily.
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  2. Amber Athletic Hammer Replacement Swivel

    These are replacement Hammer Swivels to fit all Amber Athletic Gear Hammers. Made from Stainless Steel. Width – 31.4 mm. Height (top to bottom) – 32.5 mm. Width of thread – 25.4 mm. Width of top pin – 10 mm

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  3. Open Reel Measuring Tape Fiber class Tape

    Vinyl fiberglass construction in a heavy duty polyethylene case. Open Reel Design. Features a durable hand crank for easy winding or unwinding of the measuring tape. Double sided tape shows feet on meters. Learn More

  4. Stainless Steel Champ Hammer

    Great for any meet.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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  5. Hammer Wire 3mm

    The Amber Athletic Gear Hammer Wire is sturdy and constructed of steel. An essential hammer throwing equipment, the steel wire is flexible yet strong. Learn More

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