Throws Equipment

  1. Conqueror 300 Competition Javelin 800 Gm

    • Best Seller: This competition javelin is one of our best selling javelins!
    • Made by Professionals: Some of the best throwers in the world assisted in helping us produce this javelin.
    • Official: These competition javelins are constructed from a composite metal alloy, and are I.A.A.F. certified. 
    • Sturdy: The tips are chromed metal, and feature a unique cord-wrap grip.
    • Versatile: Great for competition or just training.
    • Available In: Colours may vary.
    • Specifications: 800GM 50M, 800GM 60M, 800GM 70M, 800GM 80M & 800GM 90M.
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  2. Trident Rubber Tip Javelin

    • High Quality: The rubber tips are specifically made for throwing on artificial turf ground or with indoor practice nets.
    • Regulations: Some U.S. states require that junior throwers use a javelin with a rubber tip. Check your states athletic rules.
    • Practice: Great for fine tuning a throwers technique.
    • The 800 and 600 gram is used by High School & College Boys.
    • Color may vary.
    • Specs: 600G 40M, 600G 45M, 600G 50M & 600G 60M.
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  3. Polanik Highland Weight 12.7kg/28lb

    Polanik Highland Weight 12.7kg/28lbs.

    Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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