Throws Equipment

  1. Odyssey 300 Training Javelin

    • These Javelins are constructed of High Quality Hardened & Tempered Aluminum.
    • These javelins meet NCAA and IAAF specs.
    • Colors and designs may vary.
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  2. Conqueror 300 Competition Javelin 800 Gm

    Great for competition or just training, this javelin throw is perfect for your next Track and Field event. The Conqueror Track and Field Throws Javelin is certified by IAAF. This competition javelin is one of our best selling javelins! Made in association with the best professionals in the throwing arena, this javelin is perfection defined. These competition javelins are constructed from a composite metal alloy. The tips are chromed metal and feature a unique cord-wrap grip. This javelin is apt for competition or just training. Ace your next Track and Field Javelin throwing event with the Amber Professional Javelin Throw in the perfect size and shape. Made in association with some of the best professionals from the industry, this Javelin is sturdy and one of our top seller! Learn More

  3. Polanik Highland Weight 12.7kg/28lb

    Polanik Highland Weight 12.7kg/28lbs.

    Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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