Throws Equipment

  1. Indoor Rubber Shot Put

    The Amber Athletic Gear Indoor Rubber Shots are perfect for any indoor training session. Featuring an easy grip feature, the Rubber hard shell is perfect for indoor practice. It has zero bounce and hence it is safe for most floors. It is long lasting and holds shape. Learn More

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price: $32.89

  2. Amber Athletic Gear Target Discus Track & Field

    • STURDY: 75% rim weight Discus is perfect for any training session. This Discus features a Galvanized steel rim combined with ABS side plates and center plates.
    • STABLE: This Discus provides a unique and well-balanced feel. Exactly what a premium quality Discus should do.
    • FOR ALL LEVELS: Improve your technique, speed, form, and release. For beginner or pro level.
    • WEIGHT: Various Sizes Available
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  3. Amber Athletic Gear Amazer Discus

    Key Features 

    • CERTIFIED: IAAF Certified Wooden Competition throws Discus for Track and Field.
    • SOLID RIM: Galvanized steel rim with 70% rim weight.
    • STURY: Highly resilient and laminated narrow veneer plywood side plates.
    • STABLE: Nicely balanced with center plates.
    • WEIGHT: Available in various sizes
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  4. Throw 1 Deep Pro Discus Bag

    Extra heavy duty implement carrier that can hold two discuses or one shot. This amazing bag has a zippered space for the implements as well as a zippered pocket for your personal items. Learn More

  5. Shot put Hammer Retrieving Tool

    This Shot Put Pickup Tool is a great accessory for any official or coach. It prevents them from having to repeatedly bend over and causing injury to their back. All steel construction.

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  6. Prestige Discus

    A great value discus for the beginer to intermediate thrower.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $40.04

  7. Precision Turned Competition Iron Shot Put Gauged

    These precision turned cast iron shots are perfect for competition or training.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price: $44.20

  8. Amber Athletic Gear Swift Discus

    • CERTIFIED: Officially certified IAAF Discus.
    • FOR ADVANCED TRAINING: This Discus is ideal for an athlete wanting to make the next step in their Discus throwing ability.
    • IMPROVED DESIGN: Experience improved aerodynamics with this Discus.
    • STURDY: Galvanized steel rim with 80% rim weight. Combined with ABS side plates. Great discus for all throwers.
    • STABLE: Side plates made from durable Polycarbonate material that exhibits very high resistance to impact and shocks.
    • WEIGHT: Various sizes available.
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  9. Amber Athletic Gear Premium Discus

    Key Features:

    • Sturdy: Chrome plated rim combined with extra strong aluminium side plates.
    • Center: Without centre plates.
    • For all Levels: A strong discus suited for all throwers.
    • Weight: A beautiful discus with 70% rim weight.
    • Available Sizes: Various Sizes Available.
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  10. Hard Shell Indoor Shot put For Track and Field Non-Marking

    • Non Marking: These shots will not mark the floor, the wall or anything else you throw them against.
    • Solid Construction: These shots will retain their shape.
    • Indoor: It’s all about indoors. Hard shell shots that are Non Marking thus perfect for Indoor Track Surfaces.
    • Practice Hard: Perfect for practicing positioning, spin and thrust.
    • Available Sizes: 4kg, 6Kg, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb and 14lb
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