Throws Equipment

  1. Hammer Gloves

    Specially designed for Athletes, this fine leather pair of left and right-handed gloves can be used for Hammer throwing and other competitive sports. Your Hammer throwing game is incomplete without the right gear. Lend sturdy support to your wrist with these cut finger gloves in fine leather by Amber. Competitive sports require only the finest gear. Get your Hammer throw game on point with these highly ergonomic and comfortable fine leather gloves. Specially designed fingerless gloves are comfortable and enable Athletes to have smooth swift movement of the hand. Learn More

    Regular Price: $26.00

    Special Price: $16.25

  2. Track and Field Javelin Measuring Gauge Set

    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION –Durable Steel Construction.
    • COMPETE IN CONFIDENCE– You can check implement if it has the correct specs. Compete in confidence knowing your implement will qualify.
    • CONVENIENT –Perfect for coaches to carry with them. Small footprint easily fits in a small bag.
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  3. Leather Shot Put Carrier

    These carriers are great for carrying shotputs.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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  4. Indoor Throwing Ball

    • Perfect for Training: These bright high visibility indoor throwing balls are great for practicing discus and javelin.
    • Usage: Great for Indoor throwing.
    • Long Lasting: The soft PVC plastic shell helps to keep the ball from marking/damaging facilities. 
    • Ergonomic: The ribbed surface greatly improves the thrower’s grip.
    • Sturdy: These are solid, like a baseball with tough PVC cover.
    • Available Weights: 1Kg/100mm, 1.60Kg/100mm, 0.5Kg/90mm, 0.6Kg/90mm, 800gm/100mm & 2Kg
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  5. Throw 1 Deep Premium Discus Bag

    Extra heavy duty implement carrier that can hold one discus. This amazing bag has a zippered space for the implements as well as a zippered pocket for your personal items. This bag features one shoulder strap to effortlessly carry your implements. Learn More

  6. Cast Iron Shot Put

    We present a Cast iron Shot put that well priced to fit right into your budget. It features an unturned surface with a rough finish. Not made to be used in gravel pits. This shot put is an excellent choice for practising form, release, and technique. Colours may vary. Various sizes were available. Learn More

  7. Economy Turned Shot Put

    These turned cast iron shots are perfect for competition or training. These shots are made to specific diameter & weight with minor variations. Throw them in practice and in competition meets. It is balanced for high performance. Get this Amber Sporting Goods Economy Turned Iron Shot Put weight to start training for your next event. Made of sturdy solid cast iron, this shot put features a Polyurethane paint coating finish for longer durability! Balanced for high performance. Polyurethane paint coated for extra durable finish. Colours may vary compared to the image shown. Learn More

  8. Iron Hammer

    Ace that Track and Field Throwing competition with the Amber Iron Hammer. Be the Track and Field Throwing competition maven with the Amber Iron Hammer. Train with the Amber Iron Hammer to crack that pro level competition. Includes swivel, hammer wire and handle. This Iron hammer meets all IAAF specs. Precision turned and balanced for exact size and weight. Get Hammer Gloves and start practice today! Learn More

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price: $26.31

  9. Amber Athletic Gear Club Discus Track & Field

    • STURDY: This Discus features a solid seasoned wood plate.
    • STABLE: The center plate provides accuracy in balance and stability.
    • FOR ALL LEVELS: It has very good balanced flying qualities for beginners and for competitive training.
    • WEIGHT: Various Sizes Available
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  10. Spanner Wrench

    Used for adjusting your shot puts and hammers to provide a better grip and prevent bolts from turning. Learn More