Throws Equipment

  1. Track and Field Training Throws Rubber Javelin Replacement Tip

    • Rubber Tip: Specially formulated rubber that is strong and durable.
    • Best value: Replace the tip not the javelin.
    • Original Equipment Manufactured: These replacement tips are manufactured to spec just for our high quality javelins.
    • Various Sizes: Replacement tips for 600gm, 800gm Javelin
    • Various Colors: Yellow or Red. Size SMALL fits 400gm, 500gm and 600gm Javelins. Size LARGE fits 700gm or 800gm Javelin.
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  2. Indoor Throwing Ball

    • Perfect for Training: These bright high visibility indoor throwing balls are great for practicing discus and javelin.
    • Usage: Great for Indoor throwing.
    • Long Lasting: The soft PVC plastic shell helps to keep the ball from marking/damaging facilities. 
    • Ergonomic: The ribbed surface greatly improves the thrower’s grip.
    • Sturdy: These are solid, like a baseball with tough PVC cover.
    • Available Weights: 1Kg/100mm, 1.60Kg/100mm, 0.5Kg/90mm, 0.6Kg/90mm, 800gm/100mm & 2Kg
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