Weight Equipment

  1. 110lb Threaded Weight Set

    • Don’t have time to go to the gym then this set is perfect for you.
    • Great for Free Bench Presses And Squats.
    • This 110-lb Black Threaded Weight Set comes complete with one 5ft bar, 2 solid steel dumbbell bars, 4 (5)lb. plates, 4 (2.5)lb. plates, 6 (10)lb. plates and 6 Collars.
    • 110lb is the total weight of all the items included.
      • Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days. Learn More

  2. Olympic 72" Chrome Bar

    Solid 5ft Steel Bar w/ Chromed Finish. Learn More

  3. Olympic 72" Bar

    Chrome Plated Bar. Learn More

  4. 110lb Standard Weight Set

    One long bar and two dumbbell bars set. Learn More

  5. Olympic 84" Bar

    Chrome plated bar. Learn More

  6. Olympic 60" Bar

    300 Lbs. Capacity.Chrome Plated Learn More

  7. Olympic Curl Bar

    High quality polished steel chromed bar. Learn More

  8. 20" Olympic Dumbbell Handle EACH

    Solid steel chromed bar. Learn More

  9. Double D Handle

    Chrome Plated D-Handle. Learn More

  10. Single D Handle

    Chromed Single D-Handle. Learn More