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VKR Tower Space Saver


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Heavy gauge 2 3/8" steel tubular frame construction.
Pull-up and Chin-up bar. Vertical knee raise. Parallel dip bars.
High-density foam padded upholstery.
Great for pull-ups/chin-ups/vertical knee raises/dips/push-ups etc.
Excellent Product for any home or gym.
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

  • Heavy gauge 2 3/8" steel tubular frame construction. 2" Square tube base frame with anti-slip base foot caps.
  • Pull-up and Chin-up bar. Vertical knee raise. Parallel dip bars.
  • High-density foam padded upholstery. Large padded back rest with lumbar support.
  • Great for pull-ups/chin-ups/vertical knee raises/dips/push-ups etc.
  • Excellent Product for any home or gym.
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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Great Value
    Review by Odell / (Posted on 5/30/2016)
    "Pretty easy setup. You'll need a couple of wrenches and a hammer. Having a helper helps. Took me about 45 minutes by myself.

    Works great for me.

    My biggest gripe is that the upper supports that hold the pullup bar make it so I can't grab the bar right where I'd like to. I think this is the case for all of these towers, though.

    My second biggest complaint is the quality of the grips and the pads. They're not bad...they're just not gym-equipment grade. Of course, this thing isn't gym-equipment expensive.

    I'm 150lbs and with this on carpet it wobbles a little when I do pullups really fast. If you're heavier, you might want to consider bolting it to the floor.

    Also: mine's black, not white like the picture."
  • Quality
    capable workhorse, good value.
    Review by Roger / (Posted on 4/5/2016)
    "It's built like the proverbial brick you-know-what. I got it for $157.47, ""out the door"" price. A nice bonus, considering in Alabama we have 10% tax, and it would not sell for $158 here; more like $186-200 tax...Assembly is pretty easy if you are mechanical and have some basic tools. A good socket set and some open-ended wrenches are helpful. The written directions are somewhat poor, and the diagrams make more sense and resolve questions where the written directions seem to contradict the diagrams. Definitely go with the diagrams! As one reviewer noted, there are two welded on nuts, and I had to loosen some bolts and nuts to enable a bolt to seat into one welded-on nut. The other went on without a hitch. Set up could be improved by better directions. There are three lengths of hex bolts, two of which are very close in length. Perhaps I missed something, but I came up with different total quantities for the medium and shorter hex bolts than they indicated as being present; but by the pictures, everything I had was accounted for in the construction. There are better ways to do directions. Recently I assembled a desk hutch where each numbered step had its parts in a separate, sealed pouch. The pouches were labeled, numbered and joined so each one followed the next consecutively. It was overkill in a way, but for people with few mechanical skills, it would ensure a smoother construction. I've seen it done somewhat differently, where all parts are glued to a card, and each part clearly labeled. This product would have benefited from either of those approaches to directions. One reviewer complained of bolts too short for the pull up bar, and while that may have occurred, it is possible he swapped one set of bolts for another. Given the poverty of the directions, that could easily have happened. Had I followed the written directions verbatim, I would have made a number of mistakes requiring backtracking and correction.

    The unit is a little wobbly, but not terribly so. One reviewer called it ""give"" and I would agree that that description is apt. In no way did if feel like it was ready to tip, etc. All in all, this is a good, space-saving workhorse of a unit. It's sturdy and at such a great price! Despite some glitchiness with the assembly directions, the reasonable cost and solid construction make up for those problems.

    Mine was shipped by Fed Ex and the box was beat to hell and back. The box had holes and was all tore up to the extent I demanded documentation, in case there were damages. The driver came back a second time, to drop off a part that had fallen out of the box and onto the floor of his truck. Greatly appreciated, and fortunately it was the only missing piece. It was a crucial piece supporting the tubular frame, so not having that part would have left me high and dry until a replacement was secured. Better packaging is in order here, as Fed Ex or UPS are going to throw it around, and the product is so brawny it tears up the box"

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