VKR Tower Space Saver

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VKR Tower Space Saver

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  • Heavy gauge 2 3/8" steel tubular frame construction.
  • 2" Square tube base frame with anti-slip base foot caps.


  • Space saving design.
  • Pull-up and Chin-up bar.
  • Vertical knee raise.
  • Parallel dip bars.
  • High-density foam padded upholstery.
  • Large padded back rest with lumbar support.
  • Epoxy powder coat finish.
  • Excellent Product for any home or gym.
  • Size 86Hx44Wx44D
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Additional Information

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Great Value
"Pretty easy setup. You'll need a couple of wrenches and a hammer. Having a helper helps. Took me about 45 minutes by myself.

Works great for me.

My biggest gripe is that the upper supports that hold the pullup bar make it so I can't grab the bar right where I'd like to. I think this is the case for all of these towers, though.

My second biggest complaint is the quality of the grips and the pads. They're not bad...they're just not gym-equipment grade. Of course, this thing isn't gym-equipment expensive.

I'm 150lbs and with this on carpet it wobbles a little when I do pullups really fast. If you're heavier, you might want to consider bolting it to the floor.

Also: mine's black, not white like the picture."
Review by Odell / (Posted on 5/30/2016)
capable workhorse, good value.
"It's built like the proverbial brick you-know-what. I got it for $157.47, ""out the door"" price. A nice bonus, considering in Alabama we have 10% tax, and it would not sell for $158 here; more like $186-200 tax...Assembly is pretty easy if you are mechanical and have some basic tools. A good socket set and some open-ended wrenches are helpful. The written directions are somewhat poor, and the diagrams make more sense and resolve questions where the written directions seem to contradict the diagrams. Definitely go with the diagrams! As one reviewer noted, there are two welded on nuts, and I had to loosen some bolts and nuts to enable a bolt to seat into one welded-on nut. The other went on without a hitch. Set up could be improved by better directions. There are three lengths of hex bolts, two of which are very close in length. Perhaps I missed something, but I came up with different total quantities for the medium and shorter hex bolts than they indicated as being present; but by the pictures, everything I had was accounted for in the construction. There are better ways to do directions. Recently I assembled a desk hutch where each numbered step had its parts in a separate, sealed pouch. The pouches were labeled, numbered and joined so each one followed the next consecutively. It was overkill in a way, but for people with few mechanical skills, it would ensure a smoother construction. I've seen it done somewhat differently, where all parts are glued to a card, and each part clearly labeled. This product would have benefited from either of those approaches to directions. One reviewer complained of bolts too short for the pull up bar, and while that may have occurred, it is possible he swapped one set of bolts for another. Given the poverty of the directions, that could easily have happened. Had I followed the written directions verbatim, I would have made a number of mistakes requiring backtracking and correction.

The unit is a little wobbly, but not terribly so. One reviewer called it ""give"" and I would agree that that description is apt. In no way did if feel like it was ready to tip, etc. All in all, this is a good, space-saving workhorse of a unit. It's sturdy and at such a great price! Despite some glitchiness with the assembly directions, the reasonable cost and solid construction make up for those problems.

Mine was shipped by Fed Ex and the box was beat to hell and back. The box had holes and was all tore up to the extent I demanded documentation, in case there were damages. The driver came back a second time, to drop off a part that had fallen out of the box and onto the floor of his truck. Greatly appreciated, and fortunately it was the only missing piece. It was a crucial piece supporting the tubular frame, so not having that part would have left me high and dry until a replacement was secured. Better packaging is in order here, as Fed Ex or UPS are going to throw it around, and the product is so brawny it tears up the box"
Review by Roger / (Posted on 4/5/2016)
Five Stars
Love it 5 days a week user
Review by Guest / (Posted on 2/22/2016)
Good product, instructions fall a bit short
"It took me a couple of days (after work) to put it together, but I'm not mechanically inclined.

It's very sturdy if tightened correctly and all washers utilized.

I am a tall and heavy gal and I cannot do pullups and dips without assistance. But I got tired of maintaining the cost of a gym membership just so I could have assisted pullups/dips. I got this unit and a heavy duty JumpStretch resistance band. I can successfully do pullups and dips with this unit by securing the band to the center of the top bar (loop it through itself and pull tight) and stepping into the band with one foot. Care must be taken not to ""kip"" or get a swing momentum, or else the band could slip off your foot due to your flailing, and hit you in the face. But it's definitely do-able and a good workout if you keep this in mind and maintain controlled motions.

Missing from the instructions are the wrench sizes you'll need to perform each task. I found I needed three different size socket wrenches as well as different combination wrenches to hold steady the bolts. You'll probably want to have a full wrench set. The sizes I can remember are 1/2 "" and 9/16"" but there was one other size as well.

The instructions have pictures that are very detailed. I recommend always studying the pictures, don't just read the directions. I recommend first separating all the small pieces like nuts bolts and washers into numbered baggies or containers, as they are not numbered as packaged.

It comes in a large box with straps holding it together. The straps are not supposed to be used for lifting it, but clearly everyone does, so the straps cut into the cardboard and the box arrives very beat up.

I am happy with my purchase and planning to work up to being able to do unassisted exercises. This unit definitely encourages that, because one would like to lose the big rubber band... whereas I feel with the assisted machines, it's too easy to give in and let the machine assist too much"
Review by Smith / (Posted on 2/9/2016)
Okay but not great
"Overall I am satisfied with this purchase but it is not 100% perfect. It came with a few missing pieces but after testing everything out it seems like I can still use it without any issues. I set it up relatively quickly (after buying a few wrenches). It supports my weight (around 185-190) and the different grips work well for me. I don't use it for dips but it seems sturdy enough to support me.

The big issue is the fact that it seems to lean to the left. I tried to re-tighten the bolts and I also moved it to a different part of the room to see if it was an apartment problem rather than a bar problem but it persists. I think the missing pieces are doing it and now I feel really dumb that I didn't try to get them sent out to me. It works fine overall but I can definitely feel the differences when doing pullups. I switch from facing the machine to facing away to even out my muscle usage.

Overall it is a good purchase: good height, good width, fits perfectly in my living room, lets me do multiple kinds of pullups. If the thing wasn't a bit lopsided then I would have given it 5 stars"
Review by Trimble / (Posted on 1/19/2016)
Good for Home Use
I have had mine for over a year now. The small footprint makes this unit ideal for limited spaces. It does have some issues, as others have stated. I have been able to work around all of these and get a good work out. Great for pullups. OK for legs together knee raises. Can do wide knee raises hanging from the bar.I would buy it gain without question
Review by McCreary / (Posted on 12/15/2015)
Good item for the money
Easy to put together even though we had no instructions because the box had been torn apart before it got to us. Also all the nuts, bolts and washers were loose all over.
Review by Kid / (Posted on 11/16/2015)
Missing three pieces
The box came very beat up. Except for the three missing pieces (which I am waiting to hear back from the manufacturer), the tower went up pretty easily. Mind you, it was my husband and I who assembled. It is definitely a two man operation and takes about an hour. Seems pretty steady. Planning to use for P90X once I get the three missing pieces (two bolts and a back plate)
Review by The Vic / (Posted on 11/8/2015)
Easy to put together. pretty sturdy, my only complaint is that when you use it for lower abs, the little handles that you generally hold on to move, and this is annoying, otherwise its good for the price
Review by sunshine / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
compact vkr
"First, the gross shipping weight is 88 lbs. not 74.8 as quoted in the specs. The unpacked tower is 77 lbs (according to the manufacturer) UPS was not happy about moving this package and the box showed many signs of being abused. This is only the shipper being indicted here. The packaging was such that the box gave itself up to protect the contents and aside from a few scratches it survived the trip quite well and, despite the several tears in the box, with all of the pieces.

It took about an hour to assemble. The directions were fine after reading through but I can see where it could be difficult to put together as they were worded in a confusing way. Not really a knock, just plan to read through and take your time.

The tower itself is very sturdy for such a small ""wheelbase."" It doesn't take up a large amount of floor space though it is quite tall (86"") which creates a sense that it looms. I haven't sensed that the tower is shaky or unstable while working out.

The leg raise handles do fold out of the way - a really nice feature when doing dips. Thanks for pointing that out ""PickyCustomer"" And as ""Max Power"" pointed out, a slight bowing of the head is necessary when doing dips to avoid hitting the pullup bar. This isn't anything different than what I remember about the tower at the gym.

There is only one complaint. There are two nuts that are welded into place. One of the nuts on my tower was welded sloppily so that the bolt would not screw into place. I haven't fixed this yet and it isn't crucial to using the tower. I will, at some point knock the nut off and either reweld or find a new nut and bolt to put in its place. I would take a half of a star off for that failure of QC."
Review by Moniz / (Posted on 10/6/2015)
Great Option For Limited Space
"Earlier this year P90X got me hooked on pullups. I had been using a door mounted pull up bar, but I'm 6 feet tall and this became a pain. I began looking for a pullup tower tall enough to fully extend on pullups. I also needed something stable and compact. Commercial units were both expensive and far too big for my I pulled the trigger and bought the Amber VKR. I would definitely recommend this product. It is certainly not as stable as a commercial product but is more than adequate for home use. My unit arrived without the shipping issues noted in other reviews. Minor damage to the box but the unit was in perfect condition. Some of the nuts and bolts were loose in the box but all were accounted for. I it together myself easily in about 1 1/2 hours using a crescent wrench and socket set. The fit and finish were very good. The top of the pull up bar is about 84"" high in the assembled unit making it much easier to fully extend on pullups. I would highly recommend this product. Here are a few pros and cons...

Very good fit and finish, product lives up to it's description. Easy assembly. Minimum footprint. Stable for home use (minimal wobble with pull ups and dips - I am about 175 and 6 feet).

Good price but Amazon dropped the price $30 only days after I purchased the unit for around $186 - Aggravating!! Listed in the 150s now.
Pull up bar a little narrow (as described) and the end caps on the pull up bar slip and rotate (easy to fix with a little cushion/tape if desired). I like the adjustable foam grips on the bar allowing different grips though.
As another reviewer noted care must be taken with dips to not hit your head. Requires minor adjustment, not a big problem"
Review by PGA / (Posted on 10/4/2015)
Best Pull Up bar out!
"I bought this model years ago and loved it. I ended up leaving it behind when I moved, but I loved it so much I bought another.
I'm 6'3"" and it's perfect for me"
Review by Phipps / (Posted on 9/14/2015)
Not the cat's meow, but a nice strong purr.
"Firstly the UPS delivery tracked the package all the way to the hub near my house THIRTY miles away and then sent me a text message saying it was being returned to sender. ( because package was open)

UPS is notorious for being shoddy when it comes to rural delivery. I called Amazon and complained and they sent another via FEDEX and it arrived the next day.

The product is easy to assemble and that is a good thing because the instructions are massively substandard and the parts are NOT numbered. If there were NO pics I would have had hell, but as it was I followed the pics and it was together in 45 minutes. (I'm a professional level assembler of thingies )

Shakes a bit with my 210 pounds of muscle and aggressive pullups but is far more stable than a flimsy doorway bar. Dip bar is too far apart in my view and can not be adjusted.

leg raise station is adequate for aggressive leg raises.

I give it a 4 out of 5"
Review by Recon7 / (Posted on 9/13/2015)
Does what it says
"This thing is great. I only weigh 130 pounds, though, so I'm not sure how it'll go if you're heavier.

I usually do a good 60 pullups a day on this thing for at least a couple months. No problems aside from the rubber on the handle tearing a bit.

Assembly was a complete pain in the butt. The instructions themselves are subpar as most of the steps are almost all on one page. Definitely requires 2 people, and even then, takes a while to get it all together"
Review by Whispers / (Posted on 9/8/2015)
Good product, weak back pad support though
This was the sturdiest and best price-wise of the "Power Tower" products that I researched. I've had it for about a year and it's held together fine. The handles on the dip bar can be modified so that they don't obstruct your use, which is more beneficial than you would think. The one issue I have noticed with this tower is that the vertical pad (that one that supports your back while doing an excercise like a straight legged raise) bends a bit at the bottom because it is only attached to the tower at the top by a bar. I have a bad back so this is noticeable, and the lack of support is a problem which is why I give this 4 stars instead of 5. The packaging the product was delivered in was great
Review by RD / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Good product, BAD packaging.
"I ordered this tower for my garage workout space, due to the great reviews as far as the product itself goes. When the box arrived at my house, I was shocked. The package looked like Frankenstein, and when I opened it (which wasn't hard as it was being held closed by a mere few pieces of tape that UPS obviously put on after the fact), I noticed that the packaging that contained all of the bolts and washers had broken open, and the hardware was strewn everywhere. I proceeded to unpack it and attempt to collect all of the hardware, which to my dismay, was missing a few pieces, likely due to the fact that the package had broken open and the box was in such bad shape. As I continued to unpack it, I noticed that one of the arm pads (which aren't placed in any type of protective packaging whatsoever) had 3 punctures in it.
The product itself is great, sturdy and went together easily (thankfully I'm a handy guy and had extra bolts lying around). Great for the money spent, just wish they'd spend a few extra bucks to package it better"
Review by Dan / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Workout Tower Stress Test
"Product: VKR Workout Tower
The product itself is great. Im a heavy guy, and I looked at multiple products to take my weight, and this one has undergone some rigorous testing. Im just at the limit for pull-ups (350lbs), and the tower holds strong. The reason I chose this product is I am starting the P90x workouts and needed a way to perform pullups in my apartment. Its an old renovated factory, so I couldnt just use the doorjams for that pullup bar, and I cant make any modifications to my apartment, so a freestanding workout tower is perfect. It fits in my room. It doesnt take up a lot of space. Its strong and sturdy. Its versatile. I put the thing together in an hour. TIP: Segregate and group all the small pieces, especially the hardware (nuts and bolts). Saves time.
Service: Amber Sporting Goods
I was extremely dissapointed with the service from ambersports at first. It took exactly one month for me to recieve my purchase. I ended up sending about 7 emails altogether to try and track the darn thing because UPS told me they had no clue what I was talking about. TIP: Email Amber Sporting Goods directly. As soon as I did, they responded quickly and efficiently. Things still did take time to process, but at least they were there telling what was happening along the way. Thats what mattered to me. Even if there is a screw up, they didnt ignore me, they told me there was an issue with communicating the shipment, and sent another immediately to me. I am very happy with the guy who took care of it all."
Review by DavidL4321 / (Posted on 9/6/2015)
easy set up/ great customer service
"After searching though numerous pull up bars, i finally decided on the amber sport vkr tower. It looked very sturdy and well built as well as the exercise bars are all on one side. Making it easy to put it in the corner of the room and need little space to work out on it.

After receiving my order within the estimated arrival date, I assembled all the pieces which was easy enough. The only thing to watch out for was the dip bars/elbow/arm pad bars need to be on their certain sides(needs to be tilted in, towards the user). Besides that, the rest of the setup was easy.

The only thing I found wrong was that one of the dip bars was missing a rubber grip. After a few emails back and forth with Amber sport customer service, i was sent the missing piece (thank you cust. serv. rep. Marlon Flores).

Overall, I was happy with this purchase and once again, happy with Amazon"
Review by REYES / (Posted on 8/11/2015)
Good unit - assembly instructions are awful
Pretty decent unit. One of the bolts stripped because one of the nuts threads was all messed up. The instructions look like they've been translated back and forth a few times - really poor quality on something that is pretty important. It is pretty sturdy - I weigh 226 lbs. P90X works well with this unit.
Review by Brian / (Posted on 8/2/2015)
ya buddy
steardy and cheap. if you don't want to spend 500 on one but want something steardy then this be the one. people are always saying that it is pretty steardy and I did read the reviews and liked what I read about this one specially for the price.
Review by Pen / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
I bought this pull up tower about 3 months ago and am very satisfied with the product. Its very stable and well worth the price. When I first got it I could only do 3-4 pull ups, now after a couple months I do 3 sets of 10 every other day or so. I use the dip and knee up function every so often, it does the trick but does wobble a bit..if this is the excercise you intend to focus on you may want to consider a different product. If pull ups are your focus this is a great buy...whatever you do dont buy any of the doorway pull up bars...they dont work and you are likely to mess up your door head/jamb and trim
Review by Brandon / (Posted on 7/12/2015)
good equipment. I'm 5'10", 185. The pull up bar works well. No complaints. Good quality
Review by Erpilot / (Posted on 7/5/2015)
"It feels sturdy while doing both pull-ups and dips. Having two supports for the pull-up bar is a rare feature on such an inexpensive tower, and likely contributes to its stability.

The pull up bar is positioned in such a way that you have to lean back, when doing dips, in order to avoid hitting your head. Such a motion places more tension on your triceps than pecs, whereas leaning forward allows more pec isolation. So, if you're looking for a tower on which you can do dips primarily to develop your pecs, this might not be the product for you.

It was missing a couple of the required bolts, when it arrived. I had to run to the hardwars store, to finish assembly. Other than that, it was easy to put together. Directions were good enough.

I am overall quite happy with this purchase."
Review by Austin / (Posted on 6/15/2015)
Yes, "Eh". As in, not so great, not so bad. It's been about a year or so since I ordered this product. It came in a box that was torn up a good bit, perhaps in shipping. We actually ordered two of these, we setup one right away and, of course, there was at least one nut missing. Overall, once put together, for a home product, it's very sturdy, nearly 'gym quality'. If you are looking for this particular kind of exercise equipment, provided it's delivered in good condition, I think you will not regret this purchase
Review by Paul / (Posted on 6/15/2015)
Great value, great quality, quick shipment
This item shipped quickly and is high quality. I thought I was missing the instructions, but they were wrapped with the back support. Took me about an hour to put together. Very pleased. This is rated to 350 lbs, and I have no doubt it could handle it
Review by Terry / (Posted on 6/15/2015)
Inexpensive home gym solution.. Just watch your head!
"I'd first like to mention this unit is a lot larger than I imagined.
I bought something similar while living in Japan and after reading the comments of how space saving this was, I figured it'd be just like my old one, but was surprised to see how bulky it was... On one hand, you'll have to disassemble it to some extent if ever moving it out of a room... on the other hand, it's thick, sturdy, and better quality than I'd have ever thought.

I want to give it 5 stars, but there's one inherent flaw keeping me from doing so... And that is.. while doing dips, you'll find your head on a collision course with the pull-up bar.. No exaggeration, it's directly in the way.. It'd be nice to just go at it and get in the zone, but you'll first have to get used to holding your head either down and leaning a bit forward, or holding your head back and looking up. It's annoying at first, but you can probably get used to it.
I'm a small guy, 5' 7"", so I imagine it'd only be tricker for someone much taller.

One other warning, it's not as small as they say, and I think my ceiling is about average height. It leaves about 6 inches from the top of the unit and the ceiling, so if you're tall and like to bring your head up further than the bar, be careful. If you can, put it in a room with a higher ceiling.

Anyway, for as cheap and nice as this is, I'd say get it. You can do essential exercises without needing to mess with a weight bench. I really just wanted something to pull-ups and dips, but you can also climb into the pilot seat (makes me feel like Ridley in Aliens) and do leg lifts, and the bars at the bottom can be used for push-ups. Have fun and be careful!"
Review by Paul / (Posted on 6/14/2015)
pretty good
Got the item with a sizable scratch on one of the main poles, but other than that no problems. All pieces were present. A wee bit tricky to assemble, but if you separate all of the little parts and label the piles it really helps. Can be a bit tricky to assemble on your own, but do-able if you're creative. Fits well in my place--enough room for pull-ups without hitting the ceiling. I was concerned it might not be stable because I had to place it on carpet, but it did just fine. I am overall pleased
Review by Shapcott / (Posted on 5/4/2015)
Great value for the money
I bought this set-up a year ago. It fits easily in a corner, and both I and others have used it with no issues at all. It's true that you can spend 5 times this amount, and get something heavier and more sturdy, but really you're just wasting your money. Unless you weigh 300 lbs., and are going to be yanking the hell out of it night and day, this is a great set up. P.S. Hurts like crazy when you stump your toe on it at 3 a.m., but that was true for the table too
Review by Bullard / (Posted on 5/3/2015)
VKR Workout Tower
"Well constructed, easy to assemble, very strong,plenty of room for a large physical frame
compact enough for a full garage"
Review by Jorge / (Posted on 3/16/2015)
Space Saver Tower
As advertised. Fits into a close space in an efficiency apartment. Stable for exercises as designed. Missing assembly instructions, emailed within the hour when company contacted. Would get another one but I don't need it
Review by James / (Posted on 3/9/2015)
Great workout
"Great workout equipment for the price!
It's not too bulky and requires just a corner space.
Plus you get to keep it for many years!"
Review by Spark / (Posted on 9/15/2014)
Five Stars
The best pull up bar I have ever had
Review by McKenzie / (Posted on 5/5/2013)
Designed for the average joe.
I am 6'4"; therefore, I have found the VKR Tower lacking in two areas. When performing wide grip pull-ups, the padded arm supports are rather confining, coming too close to my sides. The second annoyance is the diameter of the pull-up grips; they are far too small for my larger hands causing too much effort to be directed into my forearms rather than the area I am attempting to strengthen, my back. To circumvent this problem, I wrapped a sock around the grips and used athletic tape to wrap around the sock and grip. Despite all this, I would buy the product again. It was the right price, and I was able to modify the product to make it work
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 10/14/2012)
Excellent product.
"I began working out on a regular basis about half a year ago, something I haven't done since highschool, and a few months into it I decided to purchase this workout tower. The shipment came quickly, and the only issue was that one of the bolts was missing - which I think was due to the way the package was handled by the carrier (the box was slightly damaged). A trip to the hardware store quickly solved that problem. As for the product itself, I have no complaints. It took me about 2-3 hours to put together and I've been using it almost on a daily basis for a few months now. It's very sturdy and comfortable. I've read reviews where people noted that their head hits the pull-up bar when they're doing dips, and being 6'3"" myself I can say that tilting the head forward when doing dips solves that problem (at least for me). Overall an excellent product.

On a side note, I also wanted to make a suggestion to those like myself who are just starting to work out and have trouble doing pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips. I found a great solution which has been helping me thus far. I bought the Perform Better 2.5"" superband which gives me assistance ( You can easily slip it onto the dip handles, place one knee on the doubled-up band, and do the exercise. One might consider this cheating, but the truth is if you can't do the exercise, this trick will help you gain the strength you need to do it. When I got this workout tower, I couldn't do a single pull-up or chin-up, as much as I hate to admit it. With this resistance band I've been doing about 30-40 pull-ups and chin-ups twice a week and can already do a full chin-up and a full pull-up without any assistance (after about two months of using this technique). Not much, but it's progress nevertheless.

All in all, I highly recommend this product, great quality and very affordable"
Review by DBA / (Posted on 4/8/2012)
Very Very Satisfied !
I have been working out for over 20 years at my gym and at home. Im 43 yars old and have just started to back off the heavy lifting. I decided to add this item to my collection of rock solid equipment. I ordered it on a Friday and got it on a Tuesday. The packaging was great (70 lbs) but after I lugged it upstairs it only took me about an hour to assemble it and I was ready to go. This is very well designed. I am 6'1" and 225 lbs. Everything fits me well. I am very impressed with the quality and would highly reccomend it. For the price, I am very happy
Review by Jones / (Posted on 3/13/2012)
If stability is a concern.....LOOK NO MORE!!!!!!
I am getting ready to "Bring It" with P90X and needed a pull-up bar. After tons of research, I decided I wanted something more stable and more durable than the "in door chin-up bars". I came across several VKR workout towers, but most were rated between 250-300lbs. I am 6'3" 300lbs, so when I stumbled upon the Amber VKR Workout Tower, I was a bit skeptical of its 350lb pull-up bar rating, but with all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. I was able to assemble the tower in approximately 1 hour, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the tower materials for the money. Once I got the tower assembled, I was able to perform the "true" test. I was able to do pull-ups without worry. Sure there is a little give, but absolutely no stability problems. I performed knee raises and dips on the VKR portion of the tower (which is rated at 450lbs) with absolutely no trouble, or the "flimsy feeling" I would have had with a lesser workout tower. I am by no means saying this tower is commercial quality, but if you need a quality tower with a true 350lb rating for around $ do not need to look any further!!!!!!!
Review by Sartain / (Posted on 4/23/2010)
Great power-tower.
I am a 6'3" 245lbs man and have been on the market for an appropriate power tower for some time. I decided on this product because reviews were very positive and the design looked solid, which has proven to be true. It is built of good material, with a wide and strong base for great stability during your work-outs (even fast dips which tend to be jerky) and the backwards leaning design lends well to heavier people (like myself) due to that fact that it takes into account the counter-balance needed when hanging from the chin-ups bars.

The only problem I have is when I do wide grip chin-ups, my head hits the bar... I easily compensate by resting my chin against my chest, and though not the best form, it provides the extra clearance I need to perform the exercise.

I am extremely happy with this purchase, and would definitely recommend it
Review by Millard / (Posted on 1/6/2010)
If Space is a Concern, this is the Power Tower to Get
First off: I received the shipment missing two pieces from the manufacturer. I emailed them requesting assistance. They immediately shipped the missing two pieces to me. I can't fault a company for an honest mistake, but I will commend them for so quickly and easily fixing it.

Secondly, the unit, itself.
A) Construction: I was able to put it together by myself in under 2 hours.
B) Exercises: The pullups are good. Good widegrip and normal pullup options. Very little movement when using. The dips wobble just a little, but the tower is certainly stable. Also, because the dips are on the same side as the pullup bar, there needs to be a slight bit of care to avoid the overhead pullup bar when raising on the dips. This does not hinder the exercise, just requires a little getting used to. Although I don't use them as much, the pushup bars and vertical knee raise bars work well.
C) Space: this is why I purchased this equipment. I had a limited space and this machine excels at that. Because the exercises are all on the same side, the machine fits smooothly up against a wall. I am more than willing to be a little more attentive when doing dips in order to have the equipment fit where I wanted it to.
D) Bottomline: I wanted a pullup and dips machine and I had a limited space to put it in and the Amber VKR Tower - Space Saver definitely met my needs, along with adding two additional exercise options, and all for a very reasonable price . I am very satisfied with my purchase
Review by Power / (Posted on 10/6/2008)
Great, takes an hour to set up
This power tower does the job. I had to knock one of the pieces together with a hammer to jam it in, but besides that, installation was smooth. Took about an hour. And it performs very well. I especially like the how the leg raise handles fold out of the way, so you can do pull ups and tricep dips facing away from the machine
Review by PlusInfinity / (Posted on 6/29/2008)

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